Ecocleo® Biodegradable Disposables for Gastronomy

for your business

We supply wholesalers, online shops, franchising chains,
restaurants & bars across Europe.
Our mission is to share the passion for biodegradable and compostable disposable products.
Discover ecocleo & switch from plastic to nature!
Fame of eco — Ecocleo®
“Cleo” is a Greek prefix translated to mean “fame”. Wouldn’t it be marvellous to make nature-friendly single-use products famous? Ecocleo personify the willingness to make
it happen…

There are many ways to be planet friendly

Our vision is to promote ecological lifestyle. Let us look
at the world together with
a sustainable view.

Eco Terms that define us

What is the difference between Industrial Compostability & Home Compostability? Under what conditions does the biodegradation proces take place?
This and more.

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