About us

ecocleo® - fame of eco

“Cleo” is a Greek prefix translated to mean “fame”. Wouldn’t it be marvellous to make nature-friendly single-use products famous? Ecocleo personify the willingness to make it happen. Considering the omnipresent plastic consumption and tons of  synthetic waste, our prime objective is to reduce the consumption of plastics in the daily life of our modern societies. We want to create a functional symbiosis and harmony between our style of life & our precious nature. To do so, we invite to discover our biodegradable and compostable single-use products. Our vision started from passion. We want to share it with our clients & business partners. Join our project & let us create a better world together.

our vision

Our vision is to popularize the ecological single-use products of natural origin by becoming the leading provider of biodegradable and compostable disposable products in Europe.  

our mission

Ecocleo’s mission is to share the passion for biodegradable and compostable disposable products with our clients & business partners. Our mission is strongly related to the initiated campaign #plasticfreeevent that focuses on changing the consumption habits & motivates to play a positive role in reducing the tons of plastic waste. Thanks to our high-quality products and economies of scale, we are able to provide a competitive nature-friendly alternative to petroleum-based plastic products. Our mission is to make the ecological single-use products available for all and affordable for each. 

our values

Our primary value is to build awareness of how easy it is to start using nature-friendly alternatives to plastic disposables. We want to start this change from our households and our daily habits. Thinking as entrepreneurs, firstly we want to see each other as consumers with the same perception as our clients. By providing products from natural materials we want to focus on promoting the benefits of using them. In our corporate culture we want to be proud of offering ecological solutions and of reducing the scope of the plastics waste. However, in the same time, we do want to realize how much work is still to be done to make our environment cleaner, safer and more sustainable. Our future depends on our choices. Our values are the guidelines for making the right ones.

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