Ecocleo, powiat boleslawiecki, Lower Silesia. Breathing fresh air…

Powiat Bolesławiecki is a county in Lower Silesian Voivodeship, southwestern Poland. It covers an area of 648 km² and has a population of around 94,000 people. The county seat is the town of Bolesławiec. The economy of the powiat is based mainly on ceramics and tourism, with the town of Bolesławiec famous for its traditional pottery.

Ecocleo started its business operation it this marevelous district. Precisely 14 km west of Bolesławiec and 35 km east of the German border, in Nowogrodziec municipality. Since 2019 the team is doing its best to provide nature-friendly products to our European customers & partners having the minimum possible impact on our local environment.

The company’s activity is in line with a clear understanding of the natural environment and its ability to support human health and well-being. To consider environmental priorities, Ecocleo focuses on many different factors. One of them is air quality, including the reduction of all possible pollutants. The objective is to assess the overall health of the local environment and take action to improve and preserve the air for us and for future generations in the local community.

The Air Quality Index (AQI) is a measurement of air pollutant concentrations in ambient air pollution and their associated health risks. 

The local air quality measurements in powiat boleslawiecki are followed regularly & the local community is proud to see improvement in it. Especially in the wintertime the air quality can be poor due to increased emissions from heating systems, reduced ventilation, and inversion layers trapping pollutants close to the ground. Despite these risks, a big improvement in regional air quality could be observed.

Source: https://www.iqair.com/

Good air quality is crucial for the Ecocleo-team, both privately & business-wise. Despite good results in the region, they do promote & support further activities:

  • Implementation of stricter emissions standards for industry and transportation
  • Promotion of cleaner energy sources, such as wind and solar power
  • Launching public awareness campaigns about air pollution
  • Developing public transportation infrastructure to reduce reliance on personal vehicles
  • Supporting the development and use of clean technologies in the industry
  • Increasing green spaces and urban forestry to absorb pollutants
  • Implementing economic incentives for companies that adopt eco-friendly practices.

We do hope all of the above will be implemented step by step for sake of the district.

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