Free from Plastics Packaging, Barcelona Fair 2019

The debate during the fair in Barcelona presented the closest ecological directions of development of the packaging industry as well as the related challenges and opportunities.

Achievements in the field of research and development of alternative packaging to plastics

From 28 to 29 May 2019 The editors of ecocleo.com had the opportunity to participate again in the “Free from Plastics Packaging” fair, organized in the picturesque capital of Catalonia, Barcelona. The organizers invited many well-known companies and organizations to confer they are recognized for their significant achievements in the field of research and development of alternative packaging to plastics. The actual biodegradability and the compostable advantages of the PLA material were the subjects of debate among the participants at the event.

During the discussion panels, the need to raise user awareness of the side effects of large-scale use of disposable dishes and packaging that damage the natural environment was highlighted. The economic factor and the lower price of packaging from petroleum raw materials cannot be the only measurable factor that determines the type of disposable packaging. Indirect costs related to environmental pollution, lack of material renewal, or costs related to waste disposal should be included in this calculation.

Ecocleo.com, as an active entity operating in the field of ecological solutions, hopes that thanks to these initiatives we will be able to reach the widest possible audience with a clear message and the number of users who decide to adopt alternative solutions. and ecological will continue to grow. Summing up the tone and significance of the fair, we are delighted that the number of specific eco-friendly packaging solutions is still growing. We are well on our way to minimizing the use of disposable plastic items and their alternatives are close at hand.


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