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Ban on the use of single-use plastic items from 2021.

The European Union is setting a new direction for its members and is becoming a pioneer in solving the problem of plastic pollution

The European Union says no to single-use plastic products

The European Parliament has taken a clear position on single-use products: the majority (560 in favor, 35 against, 28 abstentions) voted for a ban on single-use plastic products. 

This ban, which will come into effect by the end of 2021, applies to straws, disposable FOOD PACKAGING, cotton swabs, and disposable plastic cutlery.

 The European Parliament will replace these oxo-degradable products with paper/cardboard equivalents or products made of biodegradable and compostable materials of plant origin. The directive aims to preventively reduce the cost of environmental pollution estimated at 25 billion dollars. As previously announced by the leaders of the old continent, the European Union wants to become a global leader in sustainable development and in maximizing the use of renewable energy sources and obtaining raw materials without harming the natural environment.

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