Plastic consumption in Poland, circular economy

Let’s take a look at what is the current situation in the production, consumption, and disposal of plastic waste in Poland

5.6 million tonnes of plastic packaging

In Poland, around 5.6 million tonnes of plastic packaging hits the consumer market. About 57% of this amount remains in the recycling cycle, i.e. around 2.4 million tonnes of material used for packaging products are not reprocessed. To illustrate this phenomenon, this means that the average adult consumer generates non-recyclable waste of 75 kg per year. However, there is a change: more and more consumer awareness and responsibility are increasing. Europe is the clear leader in this matter. Many single-use products can be replaced with eco-friendly equivalents: biodegradable or paper straws, eco-friendly plastic cutlery, or cellulose fiber plates can easily replace harmful and non-degradable single-use plastic items.


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