Planet or Plastic. National Geographic exhibition in Bologna

The exhibition shows the devastating consequences for the environment of using plastic packaging

How plastic has changed our lives

On 13 April 2019 an exhibition with the provocative title “Planet or plastic” was opened in the historic Bologna, in the museum complex of Santa Maria Della Vita. The initiative was organized as part of the National Geographic international campaign.

The exhibition shows how widely available plastic has changed our lives. Plastic is used in the fields of electronics, healthcare, and transportation. It is the most common material used for the production of everyday items. It seems that the modern world cannot do without it. The total amount of plastic produced so far is 8.3 billion tons, of which 6.3 is waste that will not decompose in the next 400 years.

The “Planet or Plastic” exhibition highlights the fact that the most important feature of plastic, which is strength and endurance, has become the greatest threat to our planet. non-recycled plastic accumulates in the environment and, not being biodegradable, ends up in the oceans, accumulating in large floating islands and endangering the life of marine animals; over time, plastic waste breaks down into smaller pieces that they are eaten by fish, whales, and birds.

The curator of the exhibition Marco Cattaneo, director of National Geographic Magazine in Italy, in collaboration with the writer Alessandra Violi, showed not only the photographs of the great National Geographic reporters but also the original artistic work of Mandy Barker. An artist who has decided to collect plastic waste from all over the world and show how abandoned plastic looks in the environment. Ecocleo editors had the opportunity to visit this exhibition and discover its unique aesthetic value. The great interest and emotional impact on visitors show how art effectively illustrates the problem of pollution on our planet.

A further element of the exhibition was the screening of the documentary film “Before the Flood” produced and starring Leonardo di Caprio and directed by Fisher Stevens. The film, nominated for an Oscar as best documentary, was broadcast by National Geographic, clearly describes the phenomena that occur in the natural environment, due to climate change and the accumulation of plastics. In the film, the Hollywood star Leonardo Di Caprio poses himself as “Messenger of Peace” and on behalf of the United Nations underlines the role and importance of consumer behavior in the fight against waste on our planet.

The exhibition will run until 22 September 2019.

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