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Happy New Year to our planet!

New year’s prepation

Yet again the current year is coming to an end end, and we are approaching 2023 with big steps. We are planning to celebrate this New Year’s Eve with our families and friends to enjoy this beautiful moment together. Many of us plan this night long in advance to create unforgettable memories and enjoy this special time to the fullest. Some choose to go out to restaurants or clubs; others go to outdoor events or even decide to celebrate at home. Regardless of the choice, one thing is certain – everyone wants to have a great time. We want to look great, have fun drinking our favorite beverages, eat our favorite food and enjoy every moment of it. As already mentioned earlier all this fun requires preparation. So, what do we do to prepare? First the looks – many people go above and beyond to have the best outfit to enter the year and feel the best in their skin. This requires time, effort and money, especially if we really want to impress ourselves and others. Second – Accessories. Every year we buy new items to emphasis our joy of greeting the new year. From glasses with the new year logo cups, plates to hats with the appropriate celebratory slogans. Walking around different shops we can discover the beautiful new designs the sellers offer and tempt us to buy as many as possible with interesting promotions.

New year’s waste

Sadly, with all the celebration comes also a cost. So many colorful and interesting items we buy to celebrate one night, end up being thrown away in fields, streets or simply not recycled, which creates an enormous amount of waste. Many of us in the excitement of change forget that all the accessories we buy are just for one night and go overboard with the amount, choosing colorful wasteful plastic instead of more ecofriendly options. Everyone ends up forgetting about it all the next day, but the damage has been already created. We are all becoming more and more aware of the negative impact of waste; however, many still contribute to the problem.

New year’s resolutions

Are we sure we want to enter the new year with such dept towards our planet? Maybe it would make sense to remember, that we are celebrating one more year on our beautiful earth. Let’s not forget that even if we change the year in our calendar our planet earth still stays the same and needs our constant care. Let’s take action and minimize the waste we create during New Year’s Eve. But how can we do it and still have fun? Of course, there is a couple of ways to reduce the negative impact of the waste we create.

  1. Reuse – A lot of items we buy every year could be possibly reused if only we would care enough to keep them and find them next year. Look through your house maybe there is something left you can reuse that is on your list this year.
  2. Make good choices – Are you sure you need 3 packs of balloons, 20 plastic hats, and 50 noise makers? Make sure you check the exact amount before you buy too much, also whenever possible chose the eco-friendly biodegradable version of the products you are interested in. Link to suggestion – ECOCLEO® Eco PAPPTELLER Eckig 13×20 cm | 100 Stück | Teller aus Frischfaserkarton | Einwegteller biologisch abbaubar | Öko Papierteller Ideal für Grillen Geburtstag und Party | Farbe Kraft Braun
  3. Make it yourself – even if you don’t find the exact item in an ecofriendly version, maybe there is something you could make yourself? Writing slogans or the year on cups and paper plates can be very creative and lots of fun!
  4. Recycle – Finally last but not least on our list. Whatever you choose to buy make sure you recycle. By recycling you can be sure that the item will have a second, third or fourth life and therefore less waste will be created.

Let us enjoy this new year’s celebration to the fullest and while creating our new year’s resolutions let’s add one more to the list – BE ECOFRIENDLY!

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