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Cooking on wheels, a new food truck discovery

Food truck Mobile restaurants have permanently entered the panorama of the most diverse cities and corners of the world. Many of us today cannot imagine our life without delicious hot dog snacks, exotic foods, or popular vegetarian dishes served straight from the Food truck. However, not everyone is aware of how this hugely popular trend came about. Do you know the history of food trucks?

History of food trucks

The beginnings of mobile restaurants date back to the nineteenth century and are associated with the American Civil War that ended in America. The destruction and lack of viable railways in the western part of the country resulted in significant problems with the transportation of food by the residents, including a common component of the then diet, namely beef. Charles Goodnight, based in Texas, came up with an interesting idea to solve the problem of slow cattle transport. Using an old military van, he created a prototype of a modern food truck known as a “chuckwagon”. A cart equipped with kitchen appliances carried food, thus allowing a hot meal to be eaten by cowboys who traveled very long distances. Walter Scott, who sold sandwiches and coffee in his cart to reporters in the city of Providence, also wrote chapters in the history of American food trucks. Over time, mobile restaurants on the streets of the United States have become more and more popular, especially in the mid-20th century, when the suburbs of large metropolises grew, and thus in the era of economic crisis since 2008. Food trucks trendy have gradually conquered Thailand (referred to as the greatest street food in the world), Great Britain, Germany and Belgium, and of course Italy

Food truck in Italy

We can see a rediscovery of this form of serving food more and more refined and personalized. Already no longer just a street sandwich but an excellent and very creative liking from oriental food to various types of burgers. This awakening has given rise to the organization of various festivals that gather enthusiasts of street food and the atmosphere that is created around it.

In 2014 the first Food Truck Festival takes place in Milan, which afterward had a following in various parts of Italy. We cannot fail to mention the Food truck Fest which starts from Rome and then brings the particularity of this way of serving food in all the main cities of Italy. A festival where a special fun and informal atmosphere is created alongside good food, bringing people closer to gastronomic culture through tastings in a party atmosphere accompanied by good music and usually also a good dose of beer so typical of street food culture. Like these festivals, there are many others.

Food truck today

Today, mobile restaurants can be found in virtually every corner of the world. In the United States alone, there are currently around 3 million food trucks, diversified in terms of menus offered and products used. Burgers, various types of ice cream, and fries, among others, enjoy enormous and unabated popularity. To encourage customers to use food carts, it is not enough to take care of the freshness of the dishes and offer attractive prices. In the era of enormous competition, it is also necessary to arouse interest by introducing original flavors, spices, and high-quality additives, and above all healthy and organic foods to the offer.
The history of food trucks is relatively long and involves a hands-on approach to serving simple and nutritious dishes. The homeland of mobile restaurants is undoubtedly the United States, where until today the culture of street food is the hallmark of the largest cities. All over the world, including Italy, food trucks with delicious delicacies have gained many supporters and there is no indication that this will change in the future we are just getting started.


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